Home Ozone Generator AM series

Around the small household appliances for air freshening and water treatment characterized by ozone/negative ions, with the concept of fashion and health, and the purpose of ozone & ions disinfection and purification.

AMBOHR AM-series multifunctional ozone generator utilizes the non-secondary pollution characteristics of ozone,We have AM-300,AM-500,AM-800

Performance characteristics:

  • Live oxygen is a highly efficient, broad-spectrum, fast, non-toxic, non-dead Angle bactericidal disinfectant
  • Water and gas dual purpose oxygen machine, easy to use, widely used
  • High performance live oxygen generating tube technology, long life, low NOx
  • Built in high performance air pump to ensure the stability and consistency of air supply
  • Fresh appearance, simple and elegant lines
  • Very low power consumption, economical operation, easy maintenance, 1-year free warranty

Main functions:

  • Remove the odor in the air, make the air more fresh, suitable for toilet, refrigerator, etc
  • Use in the air to kill bacteria, formaldehyde toluene and other volatile substances to remove decoration room
  • Water purification
  • Vegetables, fruits and other food purification, degradation of hormones, food preservation                         

Scope of application:

  • Air disinfection and deodorization in homes, meeting rooms, toilets, classrooms, hospital rooms, entertainment venues, hotel rooms, etc
  • Deodorizing wardrobe, kitchen, bathroom, bathroom, refrigerator, etc
  • Detoxification and degradation of hormones in fruits, vegetables and meat in the kitchen, restaurants and restaurants;
  • Water purification;Personal Health Beauty
  • Purify the water quality of the aquarium and adjust the pH value