Home Water Purifier AW series

AW-series ozone washing system uses ozone to have good water solubility and can be used in all washing machines and faucets. This new cleaning method effectively removes dirt, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, etc.

Performance characteristics:

  • Live oxygen is a highly efficient, broad-spectrum, fast, non-toxic, non-dead Angle bactericidal disinfectant
  • Water and gas dual purpose oxygen machine, easy to use, widely used
  • High performance live oxygen generating tube technology, long life, low NOx
  • Built in high performance air pump to ensure the stability and consistency of air supply
  • Fresh appearance, simple and elegant lines
  • Very low power consumption, economical operation, easy maintenance, 1-year free warranty

Main functions:

  • Remove the odor in the air, make the air more fresh, suitable for toilet, refrigerator, etc
  • Use in the air to kill bacteria, formaldehyde toluene and other volatile substances to remove decoration room
  • Water purification
  • Vegetables, fruits and other food purification, degradation of hormones, food preservation                         

Scope of application:

  • Air disinfection and deodorization in homes, meeting rooms, toilets, classrooms, hospital rooms, entertainment venues, hotel rooms, etc
  • Deodorizing wardrobe, kitchen, bathroom, bathroom, refrigerator, etc
  • Detoxification and degradation of hormones in fruits, vegetables and meat in the kitchen, restaurants and restaurants;
  • Water purification;Personal Health Beauty
  • Purify the water quality of the aquarium and adjust the pH value