How do Ozone generators work.

ozone generators

What are ozone generators?

An ozone generator is an air purifier that produces ozone. It's abilities as a disinfectant was first discovered in the early 1800's. It was discovered that ozone could be used for many uses.

Now, ozone generators are used to purify and disinfect rooms from odors and germs. It's also used as a water purifier.

What Does Ozone Do?

We know the ozone layer is harmful to our lungs. But, it still serves a purpose.

Ozone generators use different methods to generate ozone. Methods to create ozone for purifying purposes include the corona method.

The corona method uses an electrical field to turn portions of the oxygen into O3. Ozone is an oxidant, which means it breaks down target materials.

Using it on odorous materials will oxidize them and make them less detectable. After this process, ozone then goes back to being oxygen.

Higher concentrations of ozone will depend on what types of things you are trying to get rid of. Higher levels of ozone kill mildew, mold, and bacteria. Whereas odors such as animal odors and smoke are purified with a lower dose.

Ozone is an effective disinfectant because it uses electrical discharge to clean.

Are Ozone Generators Safe to Use?

There are studies that will tell you the hazards of inhaling too much ozone. And they're right. Too much in the lungs is bad for you. But there are ways to use ozone machines safely so you can still reap the benefits.


It's important to know the potential hazards and what precautions to take.

Pets, young children, and those with respiratory problems shouldn't be around ozone generators. Ozone in concentrated areas can lead to lung irritation.

That's why, when using an ozone machine in your home, you should block off the area and vacate the room. If you need to clean the whole house, it would be best to leave completely and find a place to stay overnight.

Is it Safe?

Bottom line, the safety of ozone generators depends on how you use it. And if you choose the right generator for your space.

Leaving the area during treatment or until the ozone has returned to oxygen will help you stay safe. As with most tools, it's how you use it that determines safety.

How Ozone Generator Works

Ozone generators are designed to release ozone particles into the air. The high-powered oxidizer has been proven to be thousands of times more effective than commercial sterilizing substances in removing odors.

The device works by disseminating ozone into the air at a high rate to make sure that the ozone molecules travel everywhere and flow to every surface of the room. The volume and speed of dispersion ensures that the ozone molecules seep deep into small holes, and every nook and cranny of the room to target the odor particles. The ozone works by oxidizing the odor particles it comes in contact with. It also works to attack other odor causing pollutants like mold and mildew, leaving the air in your room fresh and odor free after the treatment.

How to Remove Pet Odors Using Ozone Generator

A thorough pet odor removal treatment involves closing off a room that you want to be treated. Make sure your pets cannot get into the room while the ozone generator is running for a few hours.

You don’t have to do anything as the ozone circulating in the room will do all the work for you. The active molecules of the ozone follows the same path as the odor molecules making sure to oxidize all the remaining particles clinging to the furniture, fabrics and even the hard to reach air ducts. Just make sure to crack a window slightly open during the treatment provide fresh oxygen supply to your machine.

After the treatment, let the ozone in the room dissipate for at least an hour before going in the room or letting your pets back in. the treatment may need to be repeated occasionally as odor build up in the room in the future.

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