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AMBOHR 220Vac Mini Toy Air Pump MP-A03
AMBOHR 220Vac Mini Toy Air Pump MP-A03
AMBOHR 220Vac Mini Toy Air Pump MP-A03
AMBOHR 220Vac Mini Toy Air Pump MP-A03
AMBOHR 220Vac Mini Toy Air Pump MP-A03
AMBOHR 220Vac Mini Toy Air Pump MP-A03

AMBOHR 220Vac Mini Toy Air Pump MP-A03

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Eat and drink healthy with this beautiful multi-purpose ozone purifier.

Functions & Features.

Relying on advanced technology and unique design, this pump achieves the perfect integration of small volume and Good quality. The shell is made of safe and non-polluting plastic material. Its internal structure is simple, easy to install, and it can be connected to a variety of devices.

wear-resisting, no leakage, no blocking, wear-resisting, anti-corrosion hygiene, automatic: sanitary, explosion-proof, compact high-pressure volume, low noise, low power consumption, easy to operate, easy to carry, maintenance-free, 24 hours continuous operation.

    High-Power & Durable Diaphragm

    Although this product is small in size. But because it relies on advanced technology, its energy is very large. Internal parts are the best materials used, so it has the capability of over 10000 hours of continuous maintenance-free operation. Besides, it is suitable for various voltages, such as AC/DC 12V, AC/DC 24V, AC/DC 48V, 100~120V 50/60Hz, 200~2400V 50/60Hz.
    The antioxidant and anti-corrosion agent was added to the rubber material to improve the anti-oxidation aging performance of the diaphragm and ensure the more stable performance of the air pump.

    High-Power & Durable Diaphragm

    1.   The connector is customizable. Choose different connectors according to different equipment. For example, considering that each country's outlets are different, our Air Pump can be modified according to different requirements.
    2. It is very easy to connect to any other control units. such as a socket, switch, relay, PLC, intelligent control, etc.
    Specification & Packaging


      Application: Automotive Industry, Developing World Water Solutions, Drinking

      Voltage: AC220V

      Power Requirement: 220V/50Hz, 120V/60Hz available

      Power Consumption: 3 W

      Pump Pressure:  2 PSI (14 KPa)

      Air Output: 4~8 SCFH (2~4 pm)

      Warranty: 1 Year

      Outlet & Inlet Dia: 1/4" (6 mm)

      Net Weight: 0.44-lb (0.2 kg)

      Dimension (L*W*H): 3.7"*2.3"*1.5" (95*48*39mm)

      Use: Footbath, ozone sterilization, Medical machinery

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