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AMBOHR CDT-D700 700mg/h 12V DC ozone generator machine spare parts/ceramic tube ozone generator cell 700mg/h

Regular price $40.90 Sale price $46.30 Unit price per
Eat and drink healthy with this beautiful multi-purpose ozone purifier.
Functions & Features.
  • CDT-D700 produces powerful oxidants. 
  • CDT-D700 isinfects water & air by killing viruses and biological contaminants. 
  • CDT-D700 reduces the use of chemical levels which means it saves you money
  • CDT-D700  Low power consumption. 
  • Designed & tested specially for Water and Air. 
  • Available in DC12V, 12W
  • CE, & CQC  certified.
  • Powerful fan, effectively control the temperature of ozone generator
  • Able to connect with air dryer through air inlet to increase ozone output
  • Low noise 
  • Long working life
  • ozone generator electrical pack  epoxy potted
  • Extra thick inlet/outlet barb to prevent breakage
  • No air gaps, no exposed contacts & no corrosion. 
  • Increase cooling hole and cooling fan
  • Integrated design two in one unit with driving circuit and ozone generator tube.

AMBOHR ozone generator-your best health assistant!  
Every one of us needs clean water, pure air, and non-toxic food, because only in this way can we live healthily and happily. 

Specification & Packaging
    • Material: Flame Retardant Plastic
    • Weight: 0.79 lb (0.36 kg)
    • Product Dimensions: 3.9”*1.6”*1.3”(100*40*33mm); 5.7”*1.3”*1.2”(145.6*34*32 mm)                  
    • Installation Dim: 3.6”(92 mm)
    • Voltage:  DC12V, 12W
    • Power:  12W
    • Ozone output: 700 mg/H with air source of 8L/min, RH 20%, 25℃
    • Application: Car, Hotel, Commercial, Household, 
    • Generating method: Corona discharge

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