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AMBOHR SPA-124 spa ozone generator
AMBOHR SPA-124 spa ozone generator
AMBOHR SPA-124 spa ozone generator
AMBOHR SPA-124 spa ozone generator
AMBOHR SPA-124 spa ozone generator
AMBOHR SPA-124 spa ozone generator

AMBOHR SPA-124 spa ozone generator

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 ozone generator improve your quality of life

Functions & Features.

  • SPA-124 produces powerful oxidant.
  • SPA-124 disinfects water & air by killing viruses and biological contaminants. 
  • SPA-124 reduces the use of chemical levels which means it saves you money.
  • Designed & tested specially for Water and Air. 
  • Available in DC12V-AC220V-AC110V; 4W
  • Small and compact unit 110*75*35mm
  • CE, & CQC  certified.


  • Widely used in
  • large quantities 
  • Able to connect with air dryer through air inlet to increase ozone output
  • Reliable quality
  • Stable&efficient output 
  • Low noise
  • Long working life
  • ozone generator electrical pack epoxy potted
  • Extra thick inlet/outlet barb to prevent breakage
  • No air gaps, no exposed contacts & no corrosion


    The SPA-124 family of ozone generators were designed by AMBOHR, the leader in reliability in ozone generator controls for over 20 years. AMBOHR Ozone generator cells use ozone core discharge of invention patent, including the integration design of ozone generator tube and ozone driving circuit, they can provide stable and efficient output, easy to install and maintain.These compact ozone generators were created specifically to withstand the demanding environment of the any machine. Our compact ozone generators have a smaller footprint and save energy as well. The electrical packs of AMBOHR ozone generators are epoxy potted protecting them from harsh corroding environments and they produce stable ozone output over a wide range of temperatures.

    Specification & Packaging


      Ozone Output: 50-100mg/hr @ air

      External gas source : 1-3L/min@air

      Ozone Generating Method: Corona Discharge

      Electrical:  DC12V-AC220V-AC110V; 4W

      Outlet Connection: Φ6mm Pagoda Joint

      Case: Flame retardant plastics

      Accessories: Hose+Air Stone(optional)

      Dimension(L*W*H): 4.3”*3”*1.4”(110*75*35 mm)

      Installation Dim: 3.2”(82 mm)


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