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AMBOHR AM-606 Ozone Generator
AMBOHR AM-606 Ozone Generator
AMBOHR AM-606 Ozone Generator
AMBOHR AM-606 Ozone Generator
AMBOHR AM-606 Ozone Generator
AMBOHR AM-606 Ozone Generator

AMBOHR AM-606 Ozone Generator

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Cleaning vegetables and fruits with ozone water can kill bacteria, viruses, degradefertilizers, pesticide residues, activate plant cells. It can keep natural taste and its pesticide residues can be removed more than 95%

  • sterilization: vegetable, fruit Grains, Water, Air, meat product purification
  • health treatment: air purify, improve metastasis and prolong the life
  • odor removal: mold, smelly, fungi, removal, etc
  • detoxification: residual pesticide removal
  • oxygen supply: improve oxygen content in the air and water
  • fresh-keeping: keep fresh fruits, vegetables, and eggs

  1. When the product is powered on, the switch button light is red, the product is in standby mode.

  2. Touch the power button slightly, the indicator light changes from red to blue, it enters the operation mode. At the same time, the anion button displays blue, and the anion releases normally. You can also touch the turn off if do not need anion. When turning off the anion function, the indicator light is off

  3. when the product is turned on , the timing will display 00, then you can choose the timerfunction by this two button ,and the product will release ozone. touching slightly the time setting key+, once increases the time by 5 minutes, touching slightly the time setting key-, once decreases the time by 5 minute. It could up to 60 minutes timing. 

Core components and proprietary technology

  • Clean the air inside your home and keep it free from dust, pollen, lint, harmful gases such as adhesives and unwanted particles.
  • Eliminates odours from tobacco, food and prevents electrostatic.
  • Eliminates harmful elements and particles that promote air pollution.


  •  Powerful ozone generators are designed for any places.
  •  Ready to use upon delivery
  • Stable& efficient output
  •  Low noise
  •  Long working life
  •  Am-606 disinfects air by killing viruses and biological contaminants.
  • AM-606 reduces the use of chemical levels which means it saves you money.
  •  Low power consumption.
  • CE, & CQC certified. 
Specification & Packaging




Ozone Output

400 mg/hr& 600mg/hr

Power Source Electrical
Related voltage  DC12V
Timer Support
Water ozone Support
Ozone Tube 1.5m
Control mode Manual  control
Negative ion 6000000 pcs/cm3
Related Power 14W
Weight 0.6Kg
Size 200*200*47.5mm
Content in the box:
  • Ozone concentration(in water): 0.5-1.0 mg/L
  • Pump Output : 4~8 lpm
  • Generating Method: Corona Discharge (corona tube)
  • Electrical: 100-240VAC, DC12V, 8W
  • Power Cable: 4.9-ft (1.5m) in length
  • Control: Automatic control (deliver ozone water once the water tap is open)
  • Outlet Dia: 1/4" barb (6mm)
  • Installation: portable & wall mounted
  • Accessories: 1ea. 5ft tube, 1ea. Universal water tap adaptor, 1ea. Ozone mixer, 1ea. Power adaptor, 1ea. Instruction manual, 1ea. Wall-mounted sucker, 1ea. Wall-mounted screws.
  • Dimension(L*W*H): 8.8" x 6.4" x 2.2" (223x 163 x55mm)
  • Weight: 1.72-lb (1. kg)

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