Honeycomb for Ozone catalyst AOC-FT(Ceramic carrier)
Honeycomb for Ozone catalyst AOC-FT(Ceramic carrier)
Honeycomb for Ozone catalyst AOC-FT(Ceramic carrier)
Honeycomb for Ozone catalyst AOC-FT(Ceramic carrier)

Honeycomb for Ozone catalyst AOC-FT(Ceramic carrier)

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Catalyst that effectively resolves VOCs


Features Applications
  • Under the same working conditions, the decomposition rate of ozone with the same quality catalyst is higher and more stable than that of the same kind of products
  • Ozone removal process without the need to provide any additional chemicals
  • High efficient catalytic decomposition of ozone at room temperature to produce oxygen to meet the requirements of safety and economy
  • The material is simple and convenient to use, has long service life, and the purification efficiency of other catalysts is more than 1.2-2 times under the same quality
  • Use Less, perform better, and be more economical with the same volume
  • For the first time ozone elimination and efficient utilization of resources
  • Composite multi-catalyst system, high ozone utilization rate, high mineralization rate
  • The invention solves the problem of ozone secondary pollution caused by photolysis and plasma technology, improves the oxidation degree and purification efficiency, and upgrades the traditional technology

Method of use:

Ozone and exhaust gas into the catalyst surface at the same time, gas pipeline not short flow air leakage, all the gas through the catalytic network, the number of 2-4 layers.

  • Industrial VOCs, Odors, Lampblack and other pollutants purification process of ozone by-products of equipment and engineering; UV photolysis, plasma, high-voltage static electricity, ozone generator and other equipment
  • Plastic recycling, spraying, printing, electronic manufacturing, paint and other industries waste gas purification and garbage in the loading station and other odorous places
  • The efficient elimination and utilization of ozone in many fields such as the place where the VOCs Waste Gas with low concentration is produced
  • The ozonation catalyst is designed and developed for the purification of high concentration ozone pollution (especially O3≥500 ppm) , and is also safe and effective for the purification of low concentration ozone (O3 < 500 ppm) , fast catalytic decomposition of ozone to non-toxic oxygen.
  • ozone generator generated residual ozone (high, medium and low concentrations of ozone) in all occasions
  • Treatment of ozone tail gas from L Ozonation of wastewater
  • high efficient elimination and utilization of ozone in many fields, such as sterilization and disinfection of medical instruments, ozone pollution purification after odor elimination in public places
Volume calculation:

         catalyst volume=air volume/air speed

         weight= catalyst volume* bulk density

Practical case:

blast capacity

Ozone concentration

Air temperature


Volume airspeeed selection






catalyst volume=5000m3/h/20000h-1=0.25m3

catalyst dosage=0.25m3*500kg/m3=125kg

Specification & Packaging


Type and name of catalyst

AOC-FT (ozone oxidation catalyst)

Catalytic action

Catalytic decomposition of ozone and oxidation of VOCs at room temperature

Catalyst appearance

Honeycomb 100 * 100 * 100 mm or 100 * 100 * 50 mm, square hole, aperture about 1.37 mm

Catalyst carrier

Ceramic carrier

Packing density


Product packaging

Carton, foam protection, waterproof

specific surface area


Ozone purification efficiency

≥90-99% (related to actual working condition)

Quality Assurance

Service life not less than 8760h

Active component

Supported manganese-based composite metal oxide

Recommend airspeed


Suggested reaction flow rate


Air Resistance for catalyst use

≤800pa -LRB-relative to actual working condition)

Suggested gas residence time


Treatment efficiency of VOCs

  ≥80% (related to exhaust gas composition, ozone concentration)

Installation requirements and points for attention

Gas pipeline not short flow leakage, all the gas through the catalytic network, the number of 2-4 layers

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