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AMBOHR CDC 50 Ozone Generator
AMBOHR CDC 50 Ozone Generator
AMBOHR CDC 50 Ozone Generator
AMBOHR CDC 50 Ozone Generator
AMBOHR CDC 50 Ozone Generator

AMBOHR CDC 50 Ozone Generator

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Eat and drink healthy with this beautiful multi-purpose ozone purifier.

Functions & Features.

  • CDC 50 produces powerful oxidants. 
  • CDC 50 disinfects water & air by killing viruses and biological contaminants. 
  • CDC 50 reduces the use of chemical levels which means it saves you money
  • CDC 50 Low power consumption. 
  • Designed & tested specially for Water and Air. 
  • Available in 110-120VAC, 220-240VAC, AC24V, DC12V, DC5V, 3W
  • CE, & CQC  certified.


  • Integrated design three in one unit with driving circuit, ozone generator tube, and air pump
  • Stable& efficient output 
  • Low noise 
  • Long working life
  • ozone generator electrical pack  epoxy potted
  • Extra thick inlet/outlet barb to prevent breakage
  • No air gaps, no exposed contacts & no corrosion. 


    AMBOHR ozone generator-your best health assistant!  
    Every one of us needs clean water, pure air, and non-toxic food, because only in this way can we live healthily and happily. 

    Specification & Packaging


      Material: Flame Retardant Plastic

       Weight: 0.22 lb (0.1 kg)

       Product Dimensions: 1.7”*0.9”*0.8”(42*24*21mm);1.7”*0.9”*1.2”(43*23*30 mm)

       Voltage:110-120VAC, 220-240VAC

       Power: 3W

      Ozone output: 30-50 mg/hr@ Air

      Application: Car, Hotel, Commercial, Household, 

      Generating method: Corona discharge

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