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Venturi AVS0804D/AVD0804D
Venturi AVS0804D/AVD0804D
Venturi AVS0804D/AVD0804D
Venturi AVS0804D/AVD0804D
Venturi AVS0804D/AVD0804D

Venturi AVS0804D/AVD0804D

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           Precise chemical applications for irrigation systems-the low cost solution.

               improve the oxygen conversion unit power -the effevtive solution


Functions & Features.

  • No moving parts 
  • Durable PVDF construction   
  • Completely ozone compatible 
  • Check valve included in injection port
  • Quick installation 
  • very high ozone mass transfer rate
  • requires water pump to initiate suction   
  • efficiency rarely decreases over time 


The ozone venturi injector is made of three parts, which is tressurized pipe, the suction chamber, and the nozzle. It is a gas water hybrid approach which use the venturi principle. The ozone venture produce the negative pressure which use the high-speed water flow the throat of the mixing tube, cause the vacuum state of the suction chamber, under the influence of the pressure difference, the input-gas is sucked to the mixing tube. The water is stir strongly, gas is smashed to the small air bubble, turn into Gas-water emulsion of the mist, finally, be erupt through the spread port of the mixing tube, in continued, begain the Vortex stirring in the next tube, make the gas dissolve in the water.     

  • Ozone to water mixing
  • Air to water mixing
  • Powerful ozone generators are designed for any machine. 

Specification & Packaging


    Inlet & Outlet (Nominal Pipe Size) Male NPT: 2-in

    Suction Port Barb (Inner Diameter): 0.5-in Barb"

    Suction Port Thread (Nominal Pipe Size): 1/2-in NPT

    Length: 292mm (11.5")

    Supply Water: Temp.0-60℃

    PH Value: 5-11

    Power of the water pump (Reference): 2.2kW

    Water yield: 50000L/h (833.33L/min  13.9L/s)

    Material: PVDF body, Teflon ball, Kel-F seat

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