Ozone Venturi Injecto

Ambohr is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance Venturi differential pressure injectors with internal mixing vanes that transfer or mix liquid or gas additives into solution. When a sufficient pressure difference exists between the inlet and outlet sides of the injector, a vacuum is created inside the injector body, which initiates suction of a liquid or gas through the suction port. AMBOHR Injectors operate over a wide range of pressures and require only a minimal pressure differential between the inlet and outlet sides to initiate a vacuum at the suction port.

Injector(gas-liquid mixing chamber), also known as water ejector, it is formed by the nozzle, the suction chamber, the divergent tube of three parts, is developed by using the theory of inject pressure kind of multipurpose aeration mode, the unique mixture chamber design, strong water mixed with air injection, make a stir well, completely, more exquisite, the bubble dissolved oxygen with high efficiency, the traditional aeration equipment generally below 10%, oxygen conversion using oxygen jet aeration equipment in the form of conversion rate can reach more than 25%.