Application of brushless DC water pump



1. Car water pump: car electronic water pump, car electric water pump, car parking heater water pump, preheater water pump, car warm air circulation, car engine refrigeration, etc., car battery refrigeration, motorcycle electric water pump, etc. Many special vehicles such as new energy vehicles and RVs often use micro water pumps as water circulation, cooling or on-board water supply systems. The working environment requirements are: -40 degrees to 150 degrees. China has already successfully developed alternative automotive electronic water pumps, breaking this pattern.

2. Solar water pump: Solar panels are used to directly drive the water pump. The solar water pump has three major functions:

(1) Energy saving, 35% energy saving than ordinary DC water pump

(2) Soft start function, it can start normally when the power reaches 1W

(3) Various protection functions can be easily set, such as overvoltage, overcurrent, temperature protection, etc.

3. Food-grade water pump: Mainly used for dishwasher water pumps, coffee pot water pumps, and water dispenser water pumps. The water pumps are made of materials that meet food-grade standards and can work for a long time at a high temperature of 100°C.

4. Heating and cooling mattress water pumps: water cooling mattress water pumps, water heating mattress water pumps, and car seat cushion water pumps. Requirements: low noise, within 28dB to meet normal requirements.

5. Computer water-cooled water pump: The customer base is mainly the DIY market, which requires low noise and strong momentum.

6. Water heater pump: There are still a small number of water heaters using motor-type water pumps. Most manufacturers have switched to DC brushless water pumps, especially in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. Because it is safe, energy-saving, small in size, long in life and easy to adjust.

7. Chiller water pump: All domestic small and medium-sized chillers have replaced the previous diaphragm pumps with brushless DC water pumps. The water pump has also become the standard in the small and medium-sized chiller water pump industry. It has stable pressurization, low noise, and a lifespan longer than that of a diaphragm pump. Nearly 10 times.

8. Air conditioning refrigeration water pump: widely used in communication cabinet cooling, machine tool equipment water circulation cooling, etc.

9. Floor heating circulating water pump, solar fountain water pump, mobile water heater water pump, movable bathing machine water pump, etc.

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