Ozone Venturi injector:Agricultural irrigation and Sewage treatment of good helper

Injector(gas-liquid mixing chamber), also known as water ejector, it is formed by the nozzle, the suction chamber, the divergent tube of three parts, is developed by using the theory of inject pressure kind of multipurpose aeration mode, the unique mixture chamber design, strong water mixed with air injection, make a stir well, completely, more exquisite, the bubble dissolved oxygen with high efficiency, the traditional aeration equipment generally below 10%, oxygen conversion.

After a lot of practice, venturi tube can be used in many fields

  • Precise chemical applications for irrigation systems-the low cost solution

Injecting chemicals into a pressurized irrigation system (chemigation) is the most common application for Ambohr Injectors in agriculture. Ambohr pioneered this simple-to-use and easy to install solution more than 30 years ago. Using high-efficiency patented and trademarked Ambohr Venturi injectors, Ambohr’s chemigation technology delivers a uniform distribution of chemicals and fertilizers within the irrigation water. Ambohr Injectors offer the advantages of an easy to maintain non-mechanical system. With no moving parts, and often no supplemental pump system, Ambohr is the cost-effective choice. Because Ambohr Injectors are designed for vacuum transfer of irrigation chemicals, they provide safe chemigation.

  • improve the oxygen conversion unit power -the effevtive solution

It can be efficient aeration was carried out on the water, both the amount of dissolved oxygen (do) required to improve the sewage treatment, and to remove the part of the BOD, the return sludge, the lower level after treatment facilities of load: used for biological contact oxidation pool, replaced the traditional biochemical aeration method, without complex blower piping system and aerator, aeration equipment

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